Born and raised in Louisville, KY, Raydium began producing in 2018 and has brought his talents to the big stage with his unique fusion of DnB & Halftime. In 2023 he took stage at 8 Festivals; including Deep Tropics Fest, Big Dub, Jungle Bells, Geek Out, Camp Terror, Sound Valley, Astral Echos, & UnKnown Phestival. You could also find him managing the Thoughts In Threads booth along with performing at Okeechobee Fest & Sol Fest! He also went on a 7-stop co-headlining tour with HUMORME that spanned from Cincinnati, to Denver, to Florida, & more! These performances along with others all across the country have put RAYDIUM on the radar for DnB in the US! In 2022 you could find him performing at 8 Festivals; including Big Dub, Interstellar, Bigfoot Electro, Dreamscape, The Astral Project, Geek Out, Beyond The Void, & Astral Echos! You could also catch him playing at 19 different shows across the States, including 5 Headlining events.