|| Multi-Genre ||

Rising from the deep underbelly of music comes FNGRNLS, poised and ready to deliver his inimitable blend of sounds and emotions. Ever since his origination, this producer has pursued consistent themes revolving around the vast exploration of bass music, a passion for forging into new territory, and revealing the power of self-expression. Whether it’s intensely savage bass wobbles, atmospheric waves of melodicism, or entrancing rhythms fueled by synth stabs, it’s truly eye-opening the path a FNGRNLS journey weaves. Every album released is its own self-contained world, each exploring a different aspect of the FNGRNLS universe. Expect a heady mix of this and his entire catalog whenever catching a FNGRNLS live set. A single set can span everything from dubstep to techno, and even drum and bass-inspired workouts. Describing his work as “omni-genre electronic mayhem” is the best description possible: It highlights wide-ranging diversity along with the finely tuned forms of songwriting