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DJ Begum is not just a DJ, she is a musical globetrotter. She mixes South Asian, African, European, Middle-Eastern, Latin and Western vocals with modern dance beats, creating an eclectic mix of international sounds that will make you want to groove on the dance floor. She wants to share her passion for music and dancing with her audience, and motivate them to try new genres and styles. She believes that music is a universal language that can connect people across boundaries and backgrounds. She loves music from all over the world, is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow as a DJ and as a person.

DJ Begum’s stage name has a special meaning for her because it is her mother’s maiden name. The word begum is an ancient and noble title from Central and South Asia, meaning a “Lady” or a “Madam”. It comes from the East Turkic word begüm, which means “higher official”. It is also the word for the “queen face card” in a deck of cards in Urdu, which is her native language. DJ Begum honors her mother’s maiden name and her heritage by using this name and playing some of her favorite tunes from her home country. She says that she wants to make her momma’s name proud, and to use her music as a source of joy and positivity.

She learned the art of djing from Inferno Collective’s CEO, Alex Harper, also known as Dante. Dante is a master of music who creates captivating melodies inspired by artists like Porter Robinson, Seven Lions, and Brennan Heart. He blends powerful basslines with delicate tunes to give you an unforgettable experience. He began his musical quest at a young age and has shared the stage with legends such as Mt Eden, gLAdiator, WUKI, and DJ Icey, as well as founding Inferno Collective. After graduating from the Inferno Collective DJ Academy, Begum is excited to be a part of the Inferno Collective. She often calls Dante her DJ Senpai.

Begum has followed Dante’s guidance but has also forged her own way in the DJ world. She is a music explorer who has traveled to many places, experiencing and loving the rich and diverse cultures that she found. She has learned to appreciate the beauty of different musical traditions, weaving them into a harmonious fusion of beats. Her vision is to bring a unique sound that takes dance lovers on a journey around the world.

DJ Begum invites you to join her on her musical adventure and discover the amazing sounds and rhythms that she has to offer. She is based out of Louisville, Kentucky, where she performs at various venues and events. You can follow her on social media, check out her latest tracks and mixes, and find out where she will be performing next. Don’t miss the chance to experience DJ Begum’s live shows, where she will make you feel the music in your soul and body. She will surprise you with her skillful blending of different languages, and make you feel at home with familiar tunes and catchy hooks. She will take you on a journey around the world and show you how music can unite us all.